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Why join Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC)?

The Association is a high performing organization, recognized for the achievements driven by an industry focused volunteer base, which keeps costs to a minimum.

The Association’s Strategic Plan originally established in 2002 has led the organization through the four pillars of strength: Advocacy, Responsible Distribution®, Member Services and Education & Training.

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Responsible Distribution: Champions of health, safety, and sustainability through RD.

As a member of RDC, your company commits to “doing the right thing.” The program is verified by SAI Global, a world-class audit firm that empowers the management of the complete risk lifecycle. Use of an independent third-party firm is highly regarded by all stakeholders in the supply chain.

The Code of Practice is built around eight guiding principles that are intended to result in:

  • Continual reduction of incidents that may result in or threaten injury to people, influence security, or cause damage to the environment
  • Ongoing cooperation with users, manufacturers, distributors, importers, operators of warehouses and/or terminals, carriers, and government agencies to reduce risks
  • Effective emergency response to distribution incidents to minimize injury to people and damage to the environment
  • Continued assurance that the policies, standards, and procedures for Responsible Distribution are in place and functioning effectively
  • Enhanced confidence in the distribution of chemicals, chemical products, and chemical services
  • Sustainability is implicit in the Code of Practice represented through commitment to product stewardship, health & safety, regulatory compliance, interaction with stakeholders, management of suppliers and security.

Responsible Distribution is the registered trademark of Responsible Distribution Canada. You Be The Chemist is the registered trademark of the Chemical Educational Foundation

Advocacy: RDC is the voice of Organizations involved in the chemical and ingredient supply chain.

Strength in Numbers provides an opportunity to benefit from the positive outcomes: Responsible Distribution Canada is the proactive “go to” voice for chemical and ingredient companies in the chemistry supply chain. RDC members are committed to taking every practical precaution towards ensuring that products and services do not represent an unacceptable level of risk to its employees, suppliers, customers, the public, or the environment. RDC supports the Government in their goal to protect Canadians. RDC strongly recommends and works with the government to avoid misalignment and identify gaps that could create additional and avoidable complexities to the import and export activities. Non-compliance is costly and can result in penalties, fines and incarceration.

RDC develops and disseminates industry positions with a multitude of government agencies (federal and provincial). RDC has worked hard collaborating, communicating and nurturing relationships with all stakeholders in the supply chain. Members have access to the RDC Staff who have years of industry experience and knowledge. The sharing between and openness for the betterment of the industry on a peer-to-peer basis is invaluable. Being a member allows you to take advantage of the work we have done and continue to do.

Education & Training: RDC believes that your people (past, today and tomorrow) are the strength of the industry.

RDC supports the industry through the Chemical Supply Chain Management (CSCM) program. This program was developed to address issues affecting the chemical supply chain, including succession planning. The CSCM education course is an online or in-class program designed and targeted to sales & marketing representatives, operations & regulatory personnel as well as executives working for or with foreign supply chain partners. Following the graduation of the diploma program, students will have the opportunity to enroll in the Chemical Industry Regulatory Professional (CIRP) accreditation course. Please visit for details.

RDC supports and promotes the You Be The Chemist program in Canada. You Be The Chemist® Canada is an online, bilingual, and curriculum mapped resource, offered complimentary to elementary educators across the country. The program was created to promote the positive use of chemistry, engage the youth of today and encourage younger generations to consider a future in the chemical industry.

YBTC was created by the US based – Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF) and adopted in 2005 by RDC to promote safe and beneficial use of chemicals and chemistry in Canada.

Member Services: RDC provides the platform, resources and tools that are necessary to meet the requirements of RD, government compliance, Supplier requests and needs of all interested parties.

RDC does this well through conferences, workshops, committee meetings, implementation tools, information dissemination and monitoring health, safety, transportation and environmental data collection.

RDC monitors and measures regulation, policies and initiatives that impact your business before and during the legislative process. The chemical and ingredient industry is safe, because we work together!



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